This is my first ever walkthrough of a reverse challenge, and the second RE challenge on Hack The Box that I’ve completed so far. I’m really excited to share how I solved this challenge, and I hope to help others who get stuck (as I did, many, many times).

Try to run the program in the terminal, just to see what it does. The first things I noticed about the program is that it prints “EXATLON_V1” as a large banner that takes, for what feels like forever, to print itself before prompting the user to enter a password.

I enter…

My name is Ben, and I’m an Information Securities graduate from HackerU. I’ve turned to Medium as a way to document my beginner's journey into the exciting world of Reverse Engineering. I hope that this may serve as a guide for others who are considering a similar career path.

I was born into a family that valued innovation and technology. As a kid, growing up in the heart of Silicon Valley meant weekly trips to Fry’s Electronics. My father and I would stroll through ancient Egypt themed aisles in search of a newly-released gadget.

I would always ask, and he…

Ben Kaye

Security Researcher & Reverse Engineering enthusiast. @ios_poon on twitter.

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